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Hypefestation: Aftermath – Ranking’s update

What’s up VexXFam, Recently we acquired the team formerly known as “Notorious” to be our official Gears of War team and we wanted to keep you updated on what they are doing and also let you know about a great […]


Roster changes for the #AdvancedWarfare team. We welcome our new 4th!

What’s up VexXFam, It’s been quite a road for us since we got involved in Call of Duty eSports, we’ve had our up’s and our down’s like any other new team on the scene and we’ve been able to continue […]


We welcome our new #GearsofWar team to the family!

In 2013 when VexX stepped foot into professional eSports we came in with a lot of passion and effort and made 2014 one our biggest years yet taking home top placings in Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Halo and CS:GO and […]


Overstim qualifies in the Pinnacle 4 HS tournament!

What’s up VexXFam, Since we got into Hearthstone our team has been relatively quiet, just focusing on the grind and building their decks to keep up with the changing meta. Both of our players have done a lot of growing […]


Welcome our new Halo lineup for season 2 HCS.

What’s up VexXFam, If you’ve been following our Halo team for season 1 HCS you know we had out up’s and down’s falling short at UGC St. Louis and then having our 2 players leave the team and losing our […]


Lending a hand. VexX will be at Call of Duty: Regionals!

What’s up VexXFam, If you’ve been following us then you know that our main team fell short of qualifying for Call of Duty: Regionals, the tournament that lead’s up to Call of Duty: Champs and shortly after most team members […]